Reason #4 to Choose EnJay: No Binding Contracts

March 5, 2020

WHY DO MANAGEMENT COMPANIES consistently CHOOSE ENJAY as the primary source FOR Commercial PROPERTY MAINTENANCE? OK, ready for reason #4?  Here it is:  Commercial property maintenance with NO BINDING CONTRACTS. That’s going to take a bit to explain, but it’s really, really cool. So keep reading. Oh, and in case

Reason #3 to Choose EnJay: Quality Work

February 27, 2020

WHY DO MANAGEMENT COMPANIES CHOOSE ENJAY as the primary source FOR quality PROPERTY MAINTENANCE? As you’ve probably guessed, we’re in the middle of a series exploring the top 5 reasons EnJay is the best choice for commercial property maintenance.  And this third reason?  It blows all the rest of them

Reason #2 to Choose EnJay: Full-Service Commercial Property Maintenance

February 16, 2020

WHY DO MANAGEMENT COMPANIES CHOOSE ENJAY as the primary source FOR THEIR PROPERTY MAINTENANCE NEEDS? Looking for a solution to your never-ending list of exterior management tasks?  In February and March we’ll be looking at the top 5 reasons EnJay is the best choice for full-service property maintenance. Reason #1:

# 1 Reason EnJay is the Best Choice for Commercial Property Maintenance

February 12, 2020

Why do management companies choose EnJay over and over for their property maintenance needs? It’s almost spring!  As our commercial clients are renewing their service agreements with us, we’ll take the next few weeks to look at the top 5 reasons EnJay is the best choice for commercial property maintenance.

How to Improve Your Health by Improving Your Yard

February 2, 2020

You probably already know that your physical environment plays a large role in health—cleanliness contributes to physical health, for instance.  And did you know that walls painted green can benefit emotional health?  Similarly, several recent studies have confirmed that improving the amount and quality of natural spaces you are exposed

What Impression Does Your Property Exterior Make?

January 28, 2020

In our last blog post, we noted that the appearance of your property exterior and your landscaping will affect the impression that you make.  You’ve probably heard it said that You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. It sounds very cliché, but the reality is

4 Reasons Winter is the Best Time to Plan Landscaping Projects

January 9, 2020

Have you included exterior redesign into your goals for this year?  As luck would have it, winter is actually the best time to plan landscaping projects. So often the resolutions that we focus on at the start of the year are internal and personal but don’t discount the benefit of

Protect Your Shrubs and Trees From These 5 Winter Threats

November 24, 2019

Protecting perennial or evergreen shrubs and trees may be one of the most challenging parts of our enduring Minnesota winters.  Many of us have spent quite a bit of time and money carefully selecting trees and shrubs that look green and beautiful against a background of snow and grey skies. 

How to Prevent Halloween Lawn Damage

October 29, 2019

For many people, Halloween is one of the best opportunities to showcase a fabulous-looking lawn.  Consider this: What other time of the year can you thoroughly scare people and make adorable children blissfully happy at the same time?  Throw in the ability to impress your neighbors with a beautiful and

5 ‘Musts’ of Commercial Fall Cleanup in Minnesota

September 9, 2019

There is a popular misconception that fall lawn cleanup just means raking up the leaves and putting away the lawn furniture.  The truth is that, especially for commercial properties, your Minnesota fall lawn cleanup routine should include quite a bit more.  When EnJay’s techs go out to clean up a