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So far, we’ve explored 4 great reasons why companies keep coming back to EnJay as their primary source for reliable commercial property maintenance.  If you missed the other articles in this series, take a look:

Reason #1: Stellar Customer Service and Support 

Reason #2: We Do it All

Reason #3: Really Quality Work.  Really. 

Reason #4: You’re Not Locked In.  Ever. 

Reason #5:  No service interruptions.

There’s a problem plaguing the lawn care industry–lack of reliability.  With a couple of people and a little bit of equipment, anyone can claim to be a lawn care business.  “Lawn Care by X and Y” is born.  So you hire them, and then one of two things happens:  They are either slow to respond, don’t show up to your properties on time, or they work really hard, get lots of business, and don’t have the manpower to cover it all.  A good problem for them to have, but X and Y can’t be in three places at once.  Without good equipment and the structure to scale properly, many property maintenance businesses are unable to fulfill the contracts they take on.

EnJay Property Maintenance is Different

EnJay started with more than just a lawnmower and a dream–it was built on real-world knowledge.  Our founder had 15+ years of experience and training working with a successful lawn and landscape company before deciding to branch out on his own.

We take this company and our clients seriously.  The proof is in the details:

  • EnJay Property Maintenance is properly licensed, certified, and insured. We keep our official documents up to date so we never lose a day’s work.
  • We retain office staff. Many lawn care companies are just a few techs and some equipment.  But then who answers the call when the client has a question?
  • We keep our equipment well maintained. We know that if a truck, mower or blower breaks down we’d be unable to keep our promises to our clients.  Or a dull mower blade results in a ragged looking lawn and could lead to bigger problems like lawn disease.  To prevent this, we go over all of our equipment regularly to make sure it’s all kept in top shape.
  • We choose our new techs carefully. We check backgrounds and references on all our new hires, and they go out in the field with an experienced team.  As a result, you can trust that our on-site team know what they are doing.

Customer service is important to us.  In order to keep your outdoor spaces beautiful, we stay prepared to provide you with reliable service when you need it.  This is why we commit to taking our business practices seriously and making sure we have the foundation and structure to scale safely.  The companies who trust EnJay know that they can count on us for reliable commercial property maintenance.

How can our teams make your spaces beautiful?  Contact us today to get a personalized quote.  (952)206-5296 (LAWN)

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