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OK, ready for reason #4?  Here it is:  Commercial property maintenance with NO BINDING CONTRACTS. That’s going to take a bit to explain, but it’s really, really cool. So keep reading.

Oh, and in case you missed the last 3 reasons that companies keep coming back to EnJay, you can find them right here. 👇

Reason #1: Stellar Customer Service and Support 

Reason #2: We Do it All

Reason #3: Really Quality Work.  Really. 

Reason #4: You’re Not Locked In.  Ever. 

We all know that there are some services out there that lock you into a multi–term contract, requiring a huge hassle and possibly legal fees just to change your mind.

By contrast, at EnJay Property Maintenance we believe that things should be done a bit differently. We feel so confident about our stellar customer service and really quality work that we are certain that you will continue to choose EnJay time and again, as so many other companies do.  If a potential issue with our work does arise, you can bring it to the attention of our customer service team and let them work their magic. This will give them the opportunity to go above and beyond to resolve any problems. Our goal is your satisfaction so we will always do what we can to make things right.

3 Easy Payment Options

We want you to have choices!  So here are our three simple, no-hassle payment options.

1) Annual Maintenance Bundle

  • Year-round service
  • Includes:
    • mowing
    • trimming
    • spring and fall cleanup
    • snow removal and salting
    • other services upon request
  • Benefit: one set monthly rate spreads the cost of service over the whole year and makes budgeting easy.

2) Seasonal Package

  • Choose between Spring/summer/fall OR winter service
  • Benefit: Know how much you’ll spend ahead of time, without your budget being at the whim of Mother Nature.

3) Per Event/ No-contract commercial property maintenance

  • YES! We can bill you for work as it is performed.  This may be ideal for clients who find they don’t need service often enough to warrant our other convenient payment plans.
  • Available for any of our services.

No contract for commercial property maintenance is perfect, but these are awfully close.  Our customer service and tech teams are committed to making your experience with EnJay completely satisfactory. We are confident that between our no-hassle service and these convenient payment options, you will continue to choose EnJay for all your commercial property maintenance needs.

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