We have fifteen years of irrigation experience servicing commercial and residential properties.  Our trained and certified staff offers:

Irrigation Installation

We install top-of-the-line irrigation systems to optimize the water coverage on your property.  Comes with a 2-year warranty if EnJay services the irrigation startup & blow out (irrigation start-ups and blowout charged separately) during that 2-year period. Installation also includes a Wireless controller allowing the customer to control the system anywhere in the world from a smart device with a Wi-Fi connection. Controller also includes weather pattern technology to ensure lawn is not overwatered during periods of rain.

Irrigation Start-ups & Winterization/Blowouts

In the Spring, we check the timer operation, alignment & condition of spray heads & drip hoses, zone operation, & backflow preventer if needed.  During winterization, we turn off the water supply, blow out all irrigation lines to prevent freezing or damage & removing backflow preventer if applicable.  Once you are a client, we will contact you in future seasons to ensure proper timing of your irrigation start-up and blow-out.

Irrigation Service & Repair

After installation, EnJay can continue to maintain and repair your irrigation as needed for the life of the system.  Here are a few of the services EnJay offers for existing systems:

  • Replace damaged sprinkler heads
  • Replace broken or frozen pipes
  • Resolve controller programming issues
  • Installation of rain sensors to provide hands-off efficiency (rain sensors will automatically shut off sprinklers when it rains)
  • Installation of sprinkler system smart controller
  • Adjust sprinkler head placement to maximize effectiveness
  • Ensure proper watering schedule to avoid over-watering in summer

We service both commercial and residential customers using only the best products such as Hunter, Rainbird, Rachio, and Toro.  Due to supply chain issues, not all brands may be available at the time of your installation.