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In our last blog post, we noted that the appearance of your property exterior and your landscaping will affect the impression that you make.  You’ve probably heard it said that

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

It sounds very cliché, but the reality is too bleak to embroider on a pillow.  A Harvard study of Communications concluded that it takes just 7 seconds for someone to form a first impression.  Seven seconds!  And 55% of a first impression is visual.  For businesses especially, the importance of a first impression is clear: 73% of potential clients and employees base their judgment of a business on its exterior appearance.

Business coach Brian Tracy references one of the great American philosophers when he says:

“Every impression you make either adds to or takes away from your credibility and your capability to influence someone. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, in essence, that what you are shouts at me so loudly, I cannot hear a word you are saying.”

Even a guest to your home will interpret what you say to them through the lens of their visual impression of you.

So what is your property exterior saying about you?

Is it warm and inviting, or stark and colorless?  Neat and clean, or messy and overgrown?  Here are 3 easy ways to tell:

  1. Take a picture. Walk across the street and take a picture of your exterior from the viewpoint of a guest.   Then get it printed or display on a large screen, and look over it with a critical eye.  What impression does the overall picture make?
    Want a second opinion?  Email your picture to us at info@enjaypm.com.  Our customer service team will send you some ideas on how we can make your outdoor space beautiful!
  2.  Walk around your property slowly. Keep a lookout for improvements that can be made.  Is the patio in need of repair?  Do you have a crumbling retaining wall?  Patchy grass?  Think about what a first-time visitor might see.
  3. Ask! Hit up your neighbors, potential employees, or passersby for their impression of you based on your exterior.  If you manage several properties, ask a friend to stop by one or two and tell you what he or she thinks of the owner based on the exterior.

5 simple ways to improve the impression your property makes:

  1. Clear clutter and debris. Clean up any outdated décor, trash, or broken lawn furniture.   Contact EnJay to ask about our spring clean-up services too!  In addition to clearing debris and dead leaves, our friendly techs will also trim up your bushes and clean up the flowerbeds.
  2. Spruce up the grass. Consider what your lawn might need to look its best—does it need dethatching to clear up dead patches?  New sod, mowing, edging, or fertilizer?  Our knowledgeable lawn care team is ready to bring lush, green life back into your lawn.  While we’re on-site, we can take care of your irrigation start-up too!
  3. Create an outdoor gathering area. One of the easiest ways to make your property look inviting is to create a living area out into the front lawn.   A paver patio and a couple of chairs with comfy pillows will go a long way toward making your visitors feel comfortable.  Want to increase employee satisfaction? Add a small table so they can work outside on a warm day!

    Beat the rush and save money by booking your landscaping project early!  Call today: (952)206-5296 (LAWN)


  4. Fix up any flaws. Replace cracked windows or broken cement.  A fresh coat of paint on your front entrance will make it look new in no time!
  5. Add a touch of beauty. Replace your street number and doorknob with new, stylish hardware.  Or have our expert landscaping team put a beautiful brick flowerbed along the walkway or near the entrance.  

 Let EnJay’s professional technicians make your outdoor spaces beautiful!

As you can see, a few simple things can make a big difference in the overall appearance of your property–and by extension, the impression that you make on guests or neighbors.  But likely, your property exterior is not the only thing that needs your attention—and there’s only so much of your time to go around.  Have EnJay Property Maintenance take on your lawn care, landscaping or irrigation needs so that the exterior of your property communicates the very best about you.

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