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Looking for a solution to your never-ending list of exterior management tasks?  In February and March we’ll be looking at the top 5 reasons EnJay is the best choice for full-service property maintenance.

Reason #1: Stellar Customer Service and Support 

Reason #2: We Do it All

Let’s be frank—you’ve got too much on your plate.  Most commercial property owners and property management companies have far too many people to call on a regular business.  The last thing you need is a whole bunch more phone numbers to call this spring!  You need someone to plow after last night’s snowstorm.  Then you’ll call the guy who mows the lawns, an irrigation system inspector…and now who can you get to put in a new retaining wall?

That’s far too much to think about.  Fortunately, EnJay will do it all for you.

By making just one call, you can have all your property maintenance responsibilities handled year-round.  We take care of all your exterior needs so you can focus on what you do best.

Save Time and Money with a Year-Round Property Maintenance Bundle

Spring will be here soon, and we are looking forward to coming out and handling your spring clean-up, mowing, and irrigation start-up and inspection.  But then what?  Pretty soon your lawns will need fertilizing and de-thatching.  As summer turns to fall you’ll have leaves to deal with, trimming, and eventually, more snow!  Lots more snow –this is Minnesota, after all.  And ice, too.

Fortunately, EnJay’s experienced, reliable techs are here to meet all those needs and more!  Year after year, season after season, we offer full-service property maintenance for both commercial and residential properties.

It’s hard to put a price on peace of mind—but by bundling services together you’ll save money too.  Sign up with one of our three flexible contract options, then just sit back and relax.  We’ve got this covered.

Click here to see a full list of services included in our year-round property maintenance bundle and our optional add-ons.   Or request a personalized quote today and see how EnJay Makes Spaces Beautiful.

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