We get it.  After a long Minnesota winter, the last thing you want to do is spend time taking care of your lawn.  Or you have reached that point in your life when it is time to put away the lawnmower and let someone else take over.  Either way, we are here to help.  Our lawn care services include lawn mowing, de-thatching, power edging, fertilization and weed control, Spring & Fall clean-ups, and more.  See below for additional details. Don’t see what you are looking for?  Just ask!

Lawn Mowing

Each visit, we mow your lawn to suggested height requirements for that time of year, trim the weeds and grass along your driveway, sidewalk and landscaping, then blow away the grass clippings off the hard surfaces like driveways, sidewalks and patios.  Now offering weekly and bi-weekly services.

Fertilization & Weed Control

Mowing and watering your lawn isn’t enough to keep it healthy.  We offer fertilization and weed control by our licensed technicians as an add-on to our lawn maintenance package to ensure your lawn gets the proper nutrients to help it grow all season long.

Spring Clean-up

After the snow melts, it is vital to remove the excess debris that accumulated over the winter from your lawn to prevent the grass underneath from dying and allow new growth.  Once the ground is solid enough for our equipment, we get to work.  Spring clean-up includes mowing the lawn or grassy areas, removing fallen leaves, sticks, and other debris from lawn and landscape bed areas, blowing leaves and grass clippings off hard surfaces and trimming lawn edging areas if needed.  EnJay disposes of excess debris off-site.

Fall Clean-up

That mound of leaves look a little intimidating?  Prep your lawn for winter with a professionally done clean-up.  Fall clean-up includes removing fallen leaves, branches, and debris from lawn and landscape bed areas, mowing lawn areas, blowing leaves and grass clippings off hard surfaces.  EnJay will dispose of excess debris off-site.


An excessive amount of dead grass in your yard deprives it of essential oxygen, water, and sun needed to grow.  If your lawn feels spongy and you can’t reach the soil with your finger, you could have too much thatch built up. De-thatching, typically performed in the spring, loosens up the dead grass, allowing your lawn to drink and breath again.  After de-thatching, EnJay will dispose of excess debris left from the de-thatching process off-site.

Lawn Aeration

Aerate all compacted lawn areas with an aeration machine allowing air & water to penetrate soil.  Aeration plugs remain on the lawn to allow them to break, fill in plug holes, & give the lawn a uniform appearance.

Power Edging

Ever wonder how people get that nice, crisp edge between their grass and sidewalk?  It is a process called edging, which EnJay offers as an additional service to our lawn maintenance customers.

It includes power edging to all areas where the lawn meets a substantial edge location (i.e. walkways, curbs, steps, driveways, etc.).

Additional services

  • Shrub and hedge trimming*
  • Cutting perennials to ground height*
  • Small to medium-sized tree trimming up to 15 feet

*Offered as an additional service to seasonal/annual lawn maintenance customers only

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