Do You Know What’s Going On Under Your Snow?

February 28, 2019

Winter in Minnesota can bring a lot of good things to your lawn: Cold temperatures cause the grass to go dormant, which provides a healthy growing boost in the spring. Snow is a fantastic insulator and protects your grass from biting winds and below-zero temperatures. Snowmelt provides necessary moisture to

The Easiest Way to Clean Up Your Lawn for Spring

February 5, 2019

DO YOU HAVE BIG PLANS FOR SPRING? If you’ve got goals, you don’t have time to let spring lawn care get in the way of them. Unfortunately, cleaning up your property to prepare it for the spring season is a big job. It will take up time you certainly could

Keep Your Outdoor Spaces Attractive Year-Round

January 2, 2019

…with EnJay’s Annual Property Maintenance Bundle With the brown Christmas we’ve just had in the south metro, it barely feels like winter yet.  But while our teams are out snowplowing, shoveling, and blowing New Year’s snow off your property, we’re already looking ahead to spring and what it will take

EnJay Welcomes The Bluffs Association!

November 20, 2018

EnJay PM is excited to announce the addition of The Bluffs of Savage townhome association to our family of partners! The Bluffs governing board has engaged EnJay on a regular schedule and we are committed to making their space beautiful. Here are just some of the ongoing work we will

Thank You for Your Support!

September 13, 2018

EnJay Property Maintenance is proud to be awarded the HomeAdvisors Elite Service Professionals award! Our most important corporate value is “Service First,” and we are thrilled to be recognized by this leading home service company for our service. HomeAdvisors awards this badge to service pros who have been rated by

How to Get the Most Life Out of Your Mower

August 25, 2018

LAWNMOWER MAINTENANCE Year in and year out you count on one tool to make the most impact in the appearance and usability of your lawn.  But while it’s working tirelessly for you, are you taking the time to make sure it can go the distance for you? Proper maintenance of

Got Brown Grass?

August 10, 2018

How do you fix brown grass? Summer heat can make maintaining a luscious, green lawn difficult, and many property owners start to panic when their lawn turns brown.  But before blindly throwing money or chemicals at your lawn, make sure you actually have a problem. BROWN GRASS CAN MEAN DORMANCY,

Enjoy your celebration this weekend!

July 3, 2018

We are grateful for your patronage!  And to any of you who are members of the military and your families, we say THANK YOU for continuing to ensure our country’s freedom. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!

Mowing in the rain

Finding Time to Mow When the Weather Won’t Cooperate

June 6, 2018

One of the greatest truisms about Minnesota is that Mother Nature is rarely predictable.  Even in early summer, it can often be too hot, too wet, too sticky, or yes, too cold for mowing to be a pleasant afternoon activity.  Trying to fit lawn care in around family schedules, work