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Have you included exterior redesign into your goals for this year?  As luck would have it, winter is actually the best time to plan landscaping projects.

So often the resolutions that we focus on at the start of the year are internal and personal but don’t discount the benefit of improving your surroundings as well. Specifically, the exterior appearance of your house or business can affect the impression that you make on guests or clients, your ability to relax outside, your sense of pride in your home, and the value of your property.

Here’s how:

Time to Reflect

Grab a pad of paper and take some time to think about how your yard has served you over the last year.  Especially if you entertained over the holidays, you likely noticed some things that you would like to fix. Do you need a concrete walkway to keep visitors from damaging the grass?  Would you like a larger patio to seat more guests?

Would a stone firepit be just the thing to pull off that backyard barbecue for the neighborhood?

Think about the lawn care problems you encountered last summer.  Do you need a new irrigation system installed to keep your grass and flowers healthy?  Do you have problems with pests or diseased or dying shrubs?  Does your lawn have holes that need to be filled, hills that need to be graded, or brown spots that need to be dethatched?  Do you need to replace your grass with new sod?

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EnJays work at the Gould home included installing small retaining walls, adding mulch, renewing a window well and installing a new patio.

Take a look over your current hardscape with a critical eye.  Do you have a cracked retaining wall that needs repair?  Is your raised flower bed a tripping hazard that needs to be moved? Examine your current irrigation equipment for cracked heads or burst pipes in need of repair.  Do you need a window well reinforced or a cement patio updated to concrete paver stones?  Was it too difficult to find time for mowing, weeding, or trimming?  Are there regular maintenance tasks you’d like to hire out?

Now, before all the lawn chores come due, is the best time to plan landscaping work that needs to be done.



Time to Dream

Once you’ve looked back at what isn’t working, it’s time to look forward.  Winter is the best time to dream about what you’d like your landscape to look like in the end.  While much of the softscape is dormant, you can analyze where the holes are in your winter landscape.  Where can you add a bush or evergreen to fill out the space?   Can you add color with winter berries or multicolored brick?  How can you use varied textures–bark, lattice, glass, stone—to add interest when the flowers are few and far between?

It’s also easier to dream about spring and summer flowers when the landscape is white and grey.  When the eye doesn’t have to overlook what’s already there, you have a blank canvas with which to create a new softscape design.  Roughly sketch out your yard and where you’d like to see different colors and shapes.  Where would you like a new flowerbed?   Which new annuals have you been dreaming of planting?  Gather ideas and put together a mood board to help you compare colors and designs.

Once you’ve got a list of what needs to be done and what you’d like to do, it’s time to prioritize.  Landscaping is often a multi-season process due to budget constrictions, contractor availability, and of course, seasonal plant requirements.  What would you like to have done first?  What can wait until next year?


Time to Research

When you have the winter to plan out your summer landscaping projects, definitely take it.  There’s a lot of research to be done.  Waiting until the spring to think through everything can lead to poor, uninformed choices, delays in construction, and increased costs.

Take the time to research which plants work best in your hardiness zone.  Analyze your soil, examine your property for sun and shade, and research which plants will both meet your needs and have the best chance of survival in your specific situation.

Research landscaping companies, too.  Find out which contractors your neighbors recommend.  Call around and see who has the best customer service—can you speak to someone today, or are you waiting weeks for a call back?  Ask for references and a portfolio of previous work.  Check online reviews to make sure the company you hire is legitimate and trustworthy.  Most contractors should offer you a free or minimal cost consultation.  This is a great time to ask what types of materials they use and recommend.

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Set out a timeline.  How long will it take to order and receive those materials?  When is the ideal time to plant the softscapes you’ve chosen?  How long does it take to apply for and receive any relevant permits?  When is the best time to schedule extra expenses into your budget?

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Time to Save

One of the biggest benefits of planning ahead for your spring or summer landscaping projects is the ease on your wallet.  By researching and setting a budget early, you reduce the risk of overspending on last-minute options.   Often, you can also find off-season deals at lawn and garden stores on tools, materials, or decorations.

The biggest savings, though, are in booking early with your landscaping contractor.  Most property maintenance companies offer a discount to those who reserve their landscaping project early. By contrast, waiting until the last minute to book your project can cost dearly in the form of an added premium.  Winter is the best time to plan landscaping projects so they will fit into your budget.


When it’s time, Call EnJay Property Maintenance.

So take some time early this month to evaluate your needs, dreams, and budget for the exterior of your property.  Do some research, prioritize your list, and then give us a call.  We are currently booking landscaping projects for spring and summer of 2022—beat the rush and get in early!

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